From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say,  REPENT: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  Matthew Chapter 4 Verse 17.


LOGO - Truth Of Christ Ministries T.O.C.M


As adherents of TRUTH, we aim to serve as a global evangelical platform for the general Church of Jesus Christ;

But only after careful evaluation and rigorous scrutiny to ensure :
The message, sermon, music content or any other events presented on this platform, will adhere to the truth of Christ our messiah, Who is soon to return.

Finally, we give glory to God Almighty, Who has allowed us to be conveyers and dispensers of His divine love, power, glory, virtue, compassion,  grace to the poor and to the good of our hurting world.


As adherents of TRUTH, we take the inspired Word of The Holy Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal life.

We acknowledge and adore one supreme and infinite God. We acknowledge His Son, one Christ; the Holy Ghost or divine Comforter; and man in God’s image and likeness.

We acknowledge God’s forgiveness of sin in the destruction of sin and the spiritual understanding that casts out evil as unreal. But the belief in sin is punished so long as the belief lasts.

We acknowledge Jesus’ atonement as the evidence of divine, efficacious Love, unfolding man’s unity with God through Christ Jesus the Way-shower; and we acknowledge that man is saved through Christ, through TRUTH, LIFE, and LOVE as demonstrated by Jesus in healing the sick and overcoming sin and death.

We acknowledge that the crucifixion of Jesus and His resurrection served to uplift faith to understand eternal Life, even the allness of Soul, Spirit, and the nothingness of matter.

And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just and pure.

God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit are our only preachers

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The way, The Truth and The Life: John 14:6



Glorious days out - ROAD AND TOWN CENTRE EVANGELISM ON 27-02-2022, 30-04-2022, JUNE 25-06-2022 and 18-08-2022. Several people so far this year have been ENGAGED with The SALVATION Gospel, resulting to many conversions unto CHRISTIANITY on and off sites. Very positive response from the public. All the praise to God Almighty, Jesus Christ and THE BOLDNESS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT for All The New Christians. Glory to The Most High God. Hallelujah!


Truth Of Christ Ministries has been working on various projects since our last official outdoor evangelism. These include writing and publishing of PATH TO SALVATION between March to May 2021 - The Evangelical Book, and general Evangelism at random locations. Several new souls have recently been converted to Christianity as a direct result of our ministry. Glory to The Almighty Father!


By the boldness of the Holy Spirit, we have managed to CONVERT several new SOULS unto the Kingdom of God from October 2020 to February 2021 via online, telephone, whatsapp and face to face evangelism. Nothing is able to halt the work of God Almighty. Glory to the Highest!



The Process Of Change

Sometimes we try to excuse our negativity by saying, ‘It was just a thought, it didn’t mean anything.’ But it does! A wrong thought left to roam around in your mind can take root and grow into what the Holy Bible calls a ‘stronghold’ (see 2 Corinthians 10:4). And when a thought becomes...

Christ's Second Coming

Because that, WHEN THEY KNEW GOD, they glorified Him not as GOD, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and THEIR FOOLISH HEART WAS DARKENED! Professing themselves to be wise they became FOOLS, and changed The Glory of The Incorruptible God...

Being Born Again

For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for THE SAME LORD over all is RICH UNTO ALL THAT CALL UPON HIM. Whosoever shall call upon The Name of The Lord Shall Be SAVED.The Only Way to Salvation and a Secure Place in the Eternal Kingdom oF GOD....

“It was at that moment that I gave my life to Christ. My life has not been the same since then.”