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Path To Salvation – The Book

Path To Salvation - The Book

Please find our Holy Spirit inspired book. By the grace of The Almighty God, it is available globally to all – Believers and unbelievers.

This Spiritual Book comprehensively explains and teaches with Biblical Accuracy the road that led to human Salvation.Beginning from the book of Genesis, it reflects the Omnipotence of The Almighty God, His existence and The Shameful Fall of our First Ancestors ( Adam and Eve ), which resulted to God The Spirit being incarnated into Human Flesh (Jesus Christ ) as the only remedy to the CURSE OF SIN that the entire Human Race INHERITED from Adam and Eve because of their mistake.

And that is the only reason why Jesus Christ went to THE CROSS. He took on Him the sins of the entire world because HE LOVES US beyond what our human mind can comprehend.

CHRIST HAS MADE A WAY for everyone that sincerely and truly believes in Him to live forever in a world without pain, sickness, suffering or death. That is what He offered when He arrived on earth over 2022 years ago – EVERLASTING LIFE BEGINNING FROM EARTH AND CONTINUING IN HEAVEN.
We can however only claim this free gift individually through REPENTANCE – Which begins with A CHANGE OF HEART, MIND AND LIFESTYLE. A confession and acknowledgement of own sins that was inherited from our first ever parents – Adam and Eve. The Holy Bible teaches that we are all sinners by nature and by birth, regardless of whether you do or do not offend YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN. Jesus Christ is THE ONLY WAY, THE ONLY TRUTH AND THE LIFE EVERLASTING!

Jesus said in ST. JOHN Chapter 3 Verse 3 : Except a man be BORN AGAIN he cannot see the Kingdom Of God!What Choice will you make?May The Almighty God, The Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit guide you, lead you and order your every step.Thy Kingdom Come!

Founder : Evangelist Levi A A Osew